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Sponsor Webinar: Growing Your Business With a Real Estate CRM

IXACT Contact is a software company that offers CRM and email marketing products to real estate professionals. It’s hosting a webinar on Tuesday, May 22, at 1 p.m., Eastern time, on using its CRM product to grow your business. Shannon McGee, a company business development executive, is the host.


Wondering exactly how a real estate CRM can help you better manage and grow your business? Join this information-packed webinar and see specific real-world examples of how a robust real estate CRM can make it easy to keep in touch and stay on task with all your clients, prospects, and important referral sources.

In this webinar, IXACT Contact executive Shannon McGee will show you how IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM can help you to:

1. Keep in touch effortlessly with everyone in your database so you stay top of mind.
2. Ensure that you never miss another client birthday or move-in anniversary – both excellent relationship building opportunities.
3. Nurture and stay top of mind with all your prospects so you get the listing and not your competition.
4. Identify high quality leads – hiding in your database!
5. Stay organized and in control of all your listings, closings, and active buyers.
6. [BONUS!] Create a professional online presence and generate leads with your own customizable, mobile friendly, agent website.
7. [DOUBLE BONUS] Double your social media lead generation with automated social media content posting!


This is a sponsor webinar. REALTOR® Magazine is promoting it, but it isn’t participating in it, hasn’t reviewed the content, and is not endorsing it.

Two Ways You Can Commit a Fair Housing Violation Without Even Knowing It

While the Fair Housing Act’s purpose—barring discrimination in the sale, rental, or financing of residential property—may be easy to understand, navigating the many intricacies of the landmark statute can be tricky even for experienced real estate professionals, said experts on the 1968 law who spoke during a recent event in Fairfax, Va.

The event served as a commemoration of the 50-year anniversary of the signing of the Fair Housing Act, and was organized by the Fairfax County of Human Rights and Equity Programs and sponsored by the Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®, Legal Services of Northern Virginia, and the Prince William County Human Rights Commission.

Panelists talk about the Fair Housing Act during a training session in Fairfax, Virginia.

The challenges stem from the fact that the law requires real estate professionals to ensure their clients not only have equal access to properties, but also that they drive the selection of the neighborhood or home they want to live in. Even a well-meaning effort to match a client with property you think they would like can have legal consequences.

For example, if you are working with a Korean family that is looking for a home to purchase, taking them to neighborhoods where you know other Asian-Americans live could run afoul of the law if the clients did not specifically ask to go to those neighborhoods. That’s according to attorneys from the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division and Legal Services of Northern Virginia who served on the panel.

Panelists also advised caution when taking steps aimed at ensuring the safety of your clients. While it might seem reasonable to steer a family with young children away from a home they are looking to buy or rent that has lead-based paint, for instance, doing so would violate the law if the family was aware of the presence of the paint and still wanted to live there. It’s not against the law to market homes with lead-based paint to families with children and let them live there as long as they have been made aware that the hazardous paint is present.

What’s the Best Way to Ensure Appraiser Independence?

Professional appraisals are the foundation on which stable real estate markets are built, so ensuring appraisers are able to do their jobs to the best of their ability is vital to the industry. That’s why a report from the federal government on appraisal quality is welcomed. Two economists with the Federal Housing Finance Agency in a working paper found that appraisals ordered by appraisal management companies, AMCs, are no more likely to be overvalued than appraisals ordered directly by the lender.

“The results indicate no clear evidence of any systematic quality differences between appraisals associated and unassociated with AMCs,” say the economists, Jessica Shui and Shriya Murthy.

Although both types of appraisals have similar levels of overvaluation, according to the researchers, AMC appraisals tend to be more prone to contract price confirmation and super-overvaluation (above 6 percent). And both types have the same level of mistakes, even though AMC appraisals tend to use more comparable properties in the analysis.

AMCs are entities that are intended to let lenders maintain an arm’s length distance between them and the appraiser. They’ve been a part of the industry for decades but it wasn’t until after the mortgage crisis about a decade ago that their use became a big part of the industry. That’s because the Federal Housing Finance Agency entered into an agreement with the state of New York to encourage their use for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac transactions. Once their use in New York was set, Fannie and Freddie extended it to all of their transactions, making the use of AMCs a national policy. Later, their use became even more standardized by the federal government.

NAR takes the position that AMCs are one way to encourage appraiser independence. Under its Responsible Lending Principles, NAR supports the principles of appraiser independence that AMCs are designed to facilitate, but the association also recognizes that alternatives to AMCs can provide the same conformity to appraiser independence rules.

The FHFA’s report is a top segment in the latest Voice for Real Estate news video from NAR. The video also looks at the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union. The rule takes effect later this month and while most web companies have been aware of the rule for a while, for many people it comes as a surprise and they wonder if it’s something they have to concern themselves with. The short answer is, they probably do. That’s because the E.U. has said it plans to enforce it across the board, which means it could try to take action against a company even if it’s American and caters to Americans.

Under the rule, anyone who resides in the European Economic Area is entitled to certain privacy rights. Thus, if you have a website and a European resident comes to it to, say, browse listings, you can’t put a data-tracking cookie on their computer without getting their permission upfront. Right now, that permission is implied and they have to choose to opt out. So, this rule flips current U.S. practices on their head. Instead of them opting out, you have to ask them to opt in.

The rule requires other things as well, but, bottom line, expect to make changes to how you track people who come to your site.

You can expect lawsuits once the E.U. tries to enforce the rule in the United States, but separate from that, large web operations that want to cater to as many people as possible are probably going to make the changes regardless of what the E.U. does. Eventually, that will change the standard in this country.

The video also looks at the latest home sales figures, which are up, despite persistent inventory shortages, and an upcoming webcast NAR is hosting to let people know what REALTORS® will be talking to members of Congress about when they come to Washington for the 2018 Legislative Meetings later this month. There are four talking points: indexing some tax reform provisions to inflation, reauthorizing flood insurance, improving Fair Housing, and protecting net neutrality.

Watch video now.


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Tesha and Team, On behalf of Donna Brookshire and myself, I would like to thank you all personally for selling my mom’s house. Your professional tenacity in getting the place sold numerous times and dealing with the park was outstanding. Even the times when I thought you would all give up, you dug in and tried harder. This was not an easy transaction and the pay was very low, but you all never took that into consideration and I always felt like I was a million dollar listing. We appreciate your hard work and dedication! A heartfelt thank you, Linda Rehak and Donna Brookshire Linda Rehak and Donna Brookshire
"Tesha and her group have sold a home and purchased a home for me. She is currently selling another home for me now and will absolutely use her for my future real estate needs. Tesha knows the markets and gives advice without pushing. Her team works hard to keep everyone on track. Aside from those essentials, I really appreciate Tesha's straight forward attitude and friendly personality with just enough sarcasm to keep things fun." KELLY BREWER
Real Estate Struggles and the Angel That Helped Me Selling a home is never easy. I used to be a real estate broker, so I know this as well as anyone. People are very fragile and stressed out when selling their house, and I was no exception. I knew it might be a hassle, but I had no idea how hard it really was until I was in the midst of it. I was a basket case, and the whole time Tesha, and her team, helped me through every rough spot. This is my story about my real estate struggles selling my house, and the angel that helped me. Overseas Start The whole thing started while I was overseas, in India. I had a renter in my house and I knew their lease was about to expire. I also hadn’t particularly enjoyed being a landlord. So, I decided it was time to sell. I still had a couple of months before I would be back in the states, so I figured the sooner I got it listed the better. There was no one else but Tesha that even came to my mind to sell my home. We had worked together on some transactions over the years, and she was always professional and knowledgeable. So, I picked up the phone and gave her a call. She asked all the right questions and within just a few days I signed a listing agreement, via DocuSign, right from my laptop in India. Offer and Negotiations Within days we received a very solid offer. The only issue was that the closing was dependent on the buyers selling their own home first. That made me a little nervous, but we accepted it on the grounds that they would remain “bumpable,” meaning if we got a better offer with a faster close we could bump the first buyers if there home still hadn’t sold. She sent me all the paperwork electronically, and again I signed it all right from the convenience of my hotel room overseas. A few weeks later we received a better offer, so we now had a main buyer and a back-up buyer. I was feeling pretty confident that it was all going to close without any problems. Home Inspection Problems My optimistic bubble was quickly burst after the home inspection. Due to the fact that my home had been a rental for some long, there was a good deal of deferred maintenance that needed addressed. What was worse was that there was standing water in the crawlspace and the buyers wanted me to fix that, and a bunch of other things on the report. I could see my slim profits quickly vanishing and got a little panicked. Repairs Tesha and her team went right to work helping me gather bids for repairs. I didn’t even have to ask her. Also, since I was overseas she met the contractors and let them in. She has great contacts in the industry and was able to get me some fabulous prices on everything from a HVAC maintenance company to a pest company. She even negotiated with them so that they agreed to be paid out of proceeds at closing. That way I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of mailing a check to them from India. Closing I finally made it home in time to move everything out of my house in time for closing. Again, Tesha was helpful, asking me if she could help, if I needed boxes, etc. A couple days before closing she checked in with me to make sure I was still on schedule. She wasn’t calling to pressure me, but to just check in and see if I needed anything. She really is an angel. The house sold and I’m so relieved it’s all over. It was not easy, but I know that without Tesha, it would have been much more difficult. I can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and outstanding service. Beth Baeur
"Tesha was referred to us by the realtor we worked with in buying our current home. We were looking for someone experienced in selling homes on acreage. We couldn't have met a more knowledgeable realtor. She has extensive knowledge of the area, and was so responsive to our questions you would think we were her only clients. We would recommend her in a heartbeat." Bob Lung
Laura McGuire just left you a new recommendation! "I needed to sell our dream home due to a divorce. Tesha and her crew were very empathetic, knowing that time was essential. I asked if it would be possible to find someone who would buy the upper level and possibly let me rent in the mother-in-law unit. I hoped for interest in someone wanting 4 bedrooms , deck with a view AND income from me. It worked. This was unheard of in the realty business but I thought "why not"? Tesha kept me informed every step. Put me on an app that buzzed me every time I had to leave the house for a visit. This difficult time in my life was blessed with Tesha's help and knowledge. THANK YOU!" Laura McGuire
“Couldn’t have done it without you and the team. Purchasing Real estate is a very convoluted process, thank you for everything. Couldn’t have done it without you and the team.” MITCH PASKIN
“If you are trying to find a great Realtor, look no further… Tesha Perry will help you sell your house and find the perfect property for your new home. She listens carefully to what you need and want (both in the selling and buying) and will be an incredible help at every step. She is very customer focused, knowledgeable and will take great care in all the paperwork and negotiations… your Real Estate Advocate! Tesha is fun to work with and will make the entire process enjoyable.” BRAD DANIELSON
"You will not find a harder working agent, she is always going above the call of duty." BEN HILL
“Tesha is a wonderful, hard working, and honest person! She took us step by step in the home ownership process. We went through so many houses and took up so much of her time, I felt bad when I realized how picky we were actually being. However, she found us the perfect house…one that we have been able to call our home. I would recommend anyone I know who is in the market to buy a home to go through Tesha. Our experiences with her were spectacular!” BRIANA STEINER
“After a job change required me to relocate several hours away, I needed to sell my home. Over the course of five years, I listed the home twice using two independent real estate agents. In both cases, their efforts produced little interest and certainly no bona fide offers. As a result, the home sat vacant with the exception of brief periods where the home was rented. Tired of subsidizing the payment and the landlord headaches, I contacted Tesha who, in less than a month, obtained an offer on the home. Even better, through her tenacious efforts, she obtained a second offer ten days later significantly higher than the first. Tesha effectively and efficiently managed every detail and aspect of the sale and closing. I am very grateful for her hard work, attention to detail, and always going the “extra mile.” I would highly recommended her to any potential home buyer or seller.” KEITH LUCKEN
“We have had such an amazing experience with Tesha Perry! She was so knowledgeable, professional and patient with us as we searched for our first home. We ended up with our dream home and it was because of her hard work. Thank you so much Tesha! If anyone is looking for a realtor, SHE IS THE ONE!” RJ AND KACY STRICKLAND
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